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UK Distributor:

Hello to all our friends in the UK!  Things just became a bit bolder across the pond!  Though our PeacePads™ have traveled the globe and are used by skaters around the world, they now have a more permanent home in the UK.  Life is busy, but it has become a bit simpler for you and quite a lot bolder . . . PeacePads™ can now be ordered directly inside the United Kingdom!

We are thrilled to introduce you to our new UK distributor of PeacePads™, by Jo Lucas.  Jo, an Orthotist and figure skater herself, most definitely understands what falling in figure skating is all about.  As she shared on her Skate Safe Facebook page, “Phew that was a hard hit on the ice this morning! Thank goodness I was wearing my PeacePads! No bruises today!”

So if you skate in the UK, PeacePads™, the ever-popular figure skating padding, are now closer to home!

I'm Dreaming of an "Ice" Christmas

Skater's Gifts

Every figure skater remembers that skating gift under the tree—whether it was her first pair of skates, the skate necklace she wore constantly, her first private lessons, or when she skated a bit too much that year and all of her gloves were worn (so she got a bunch of fun striped gloves!) :)

Help your skater to reach his or her dreams this year with these Christmas gifts:

Skater's Gifts

Training Aids (gifts that work just as hard as your skater does!)


  • Designed by figure skaters for figure skaters
  • Their material absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock
  • Give ultimate flexibility from their materials and flex-grooves
  • Give ultimate comfort from tapered edge design and antimicrobial cloth backing
  • Made in America


HIPeace™:  Designed to be worn on the hip, especially good for training

CompetitorHIPeace™: Designed to be worn on the hip, especially great for competitions/events and for more petite athletes

TailbonePeace™:  Designed to be worn on the tailbone, especially great for training

(Need some help finding the perfect pad for your skater?  Give us a call at (657) 215-5846 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we would love to help!)

Stocking Stuffers (can’t forget them!)

LIPeace™ Premium Lip Balms:

  • Designed for athletes
  • SPF 15 protection
  • Crafted with the finest certified organic beeswax and botanical oils
  • Made in America

Flavors: Champion Cherry, Revolutionary Raspberry, Stoked Strawberry, Performance Peppermint and Victorious Vanilla.  (Our favorites this time of year?  Performance Peppermint and Victorious Vanilla of course!)

P.S.  Purchase five of our lip balms, and you pay only $12 (plus S+H) with the coupon code 7MC2LKLAT89P.

Warm Hearts



It's cold outside.  For figure skaters, it’s also cold inside.  (That is, until you warm up and start practicing—then it’s just right!)  But still, after a couple of sessions—especially if you’re drilling rockers and counters and twizzles for a session or two—then you get a little chilly in your fingers and toes.

                  After a long (and fun) day at the rink, sometimes a cup of tea or cider or hot chocolate is just the thing that warms you up.  (And check it out, apple cider is good for you.)  Why not share some of that warmth with those around you?  It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we are grateful for great parents, coaches, and friends.  Say thanks to mom and dad for spending their day at your competition in the cold with their favorite hot beverages.  (They’ve cheered for you all these years, haven’t they?)  When you come to the rink for your lessons, bring a couple of hot drinks for your coaches. (They’ve spent days and weeks and months and years helping you reach your dreams, haven’t they?)  And don’t forget your friends.  (They’ve encouraged you, made you laugh, and been there with you every practice, haven’t they?)

We are thankful for skates and ice and figure skating.  We are thankful for our memories and dreams.  But we are especially thankful for the people who made them possible.

Peace and Prayers for Paris

Peace ParisArtwork: Jean Jullienchurchillpeace


Apple Cider and Autumn's Antioxidants


The trees have changed colors and brightly colored leaves are scattered around under the clear bright blue sky. We are wrapping our warmest knit scarves around our necks and heading to the apple orchard.  Turns out, it's good for us!

Maybe you love apple cider as much as we do. It's hearty and full flavor is about the only food in the world that can really sum up "autumn."  More than just a treat, it is also one of the foods especially good for you.  Apple cider's health benefits surpass those of clear apple juice.  Jan Oszmianski, from the Agricultural University of Wroclaw in Poland, has studied clear apple juice in comparison with cloudy apple juice (cider).  Utilizing a new technique called electron paramagnetic resonance, they effectively were able to compare clear and cloudy juice's polyphenol content.  Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that gives fruits their color.

The polyphenols are 2.6 to 5.3 times more in cloud apple juice (cider) than in clear apple juice.  Cider is 1.5 to 1.8 times more powerful in antioxidant properties.  Commercial clear juices (compared to the lab-produced clear juices used in the study) have one tenth of the antioxidants of cloudy juice.

Additionally, people who frequently eat apples have a reduced risk for lung cancer.  Apples' polyphenols can reduce your risk of cancer and improve your brain function!

This fall, join us and enjoy some apple cider.  It's the perfect warm drink after a day of chilly training at the rink!  You'll know that not only are you enjoying the taste of fall, but you are also getting autumnal antioxidants and health benefits, too!

Colorado Springs Invitational Giveaway!


In honor of the Colorado Springs Invitational, LiveKühn® is offering you the chance to win one of our PeacePads (your choice!) or an iTunes gift card.  If you win the iTunes gift card, we’ll know where that great new program music or practice mix came from!  Our PeacePads are designed to give you the best and boldest in athletic protection to help you reach your best and boldest in sport.  If you win the PeacePad, we’ll know where that awesome (single/double/triple/quad) jump came from!
To all of the competitors at the Colorado Springs Invitational--Skate Great!  Check your goodie bag for a little something from us (hint: Kiss and Cry).  When you skate, be bold, never give up, and smile! 
So BOLDLY enter at this link!  (This contest ends September 30 and this is seriously the coolest skating contest ever—be a part of it!)

National Tell a Joke Day

Why shouldn't figure skaters tell jokes on the ice?  The ice might crack up!


Today, let's celebrate laughter.  (It's good for you!)

  • Laughing releases endorphins (the same brain chemicals that give you a runner's high).
  • Vanderbilt University research found that laughing for 10-15 minutes burns 50 calories!
  • Laughing lowers your body's coritsol epinephrine levels and encourages it to use macrophages--boosting your immune system against infections and viruses.
  • William Fry, who researches laughter, found that it took 10 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the same point as it was after one minute of laughter.  He said, "the effects of laughter and exercise are very similar."

So keep training strong--but don't forget to laugh a little, too!

Training on Your Travels



Summertime tempts us to travel, explore, and experience the places we have only dreamed of.  In the midst of becoming a world traveler, you temporarily lose yourself in each flourishing and fascinating place.  While thoroughly savoring the greatest cities and wonders of the world, the astute athlete-traveler has an added priority—athletic performance.

Perhaps you eagerly await your holiday away this summer!  We have suggestions and ways to help you maintain your fitness—whether you will be miles away from an open ice rink or the rink is closed.

Athletic Adventures

Many of the activities you already planned for your trip challenge your fitness as well.  Walking through the city is a great economic way to get from one place to another (while keeping your leg muscles strong).  If you adore the outdoors, hike scenic trails or climb a mountain!  It will be simply unforgettable.  Perhaps you appreciate cultural masterpieces?  Large museums like the Louvre practically turn appreciating the artistic greats into a workout!  Additionally, there are unconventional ways to see the greatest sights--and sometimes save time or money, too:  Did you know that instead of taking the elevator, you can walk the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower?  The Tour Eiffel has 704 steps—climbing the stairs is arguably the best way to enjoy the icon.

Exercise Everywhere

Practically any place on earth you can put on your trainers and go for a run.  Running keeps you aerobically fit (and you get to see the city you are visiting from its own avenues, too).  Is strength training your area of weakness?  Use water bottles as weights to strengthen your upper body with your favorite arms exercises.  For your lower body, do exercises like squats and calf raises.  Most core exercises can be done anywhere—so keep up your planks, push ups, and crunches!  If your flexibility needs improvement, stretch after a swim, run, or your muscles are warm.

While you are on vacation, enjoy yourself!  Try local specialty dishes, see the great landmarks, and make lots of memories!  Fit a few fitness activities into your schedule, and even when your holiday is completed, your skating will be right where you left it . . . or perhaps even better!