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Peace and Prayers for Paris

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Apple Cider and Autumn's Antioxidants


The trees have changed colors and brightly colored leaves are scattered around under the clear bright blue sky. We are wrapping our warmest knit scarves around our necks and heading to the apple orchard.  Turns out, it's good for us!

Maybe you love apple cider as much as we do. It's hearty and full flavor is about the only food in the world that can really sum up "autumn."  More than just a treat, it is also one of the foods especially good for you.  Apple cider's health benefits surpass those of clear apple juice.  Jan Oszmianski, from the Agricultural University of Wroclaw in Poland, has studied clear apple juice in comparison with cloudy apple juice (cider).  Utilizing a new technique called electron paramagnetic resonance, they effectively were able to compare clear and cloudy juice's polyphenol content.  Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that gives fruits their color.

The polyphenols are 2.6 to 5.3 times more in cloud apple juice (cider) than in clear apple juice.  Cider is 1.5 to 1.8 times more powerful in antioxidant properties.  Commercial clear juices (compared to the lab-produced clear juices used in the study) have one tenth of the antioxidants of cloudy juice.

Additionally, people who frequently eat apples have a reduced risk for lung cancer.  Apples' polyphenols can reduce your risk of cancer and improve your brain function!

This fall, join us and enjoy some apple cider.  It's the perfect warm drink after a day of chilly training at the rink!  You'll know that not only are you enjoying the taste of fall, but you are also getting autumnal antioxidants and health benefits, too!

Colorado Springs Invitational Giveaway!


In honor of the Colorado Springs Invitational, LiveKühn® is offering you the chance to win one of our PeacePads (your choice!) or an iTunes gift card.  If you win the iTunes gift card, we’ll know where that great new program music or practice mix came from!  Our PeacePads are designed to give you the best and boldest in athletic protection to help you reach your best and boldest in sport.  If you win the PeacePad, we’ll know where that awesome (single/double/triple/quad) jump came from!
To all of the competitors at the Colorado Springs Invitational--Skate Great!  Check your goodie bag for a little something from us (hint: Kiss and Cry).  When you skate, be bold, never give up, and smile! 
So BOLDLY enter at this link!  (This contest ends September 30 and this is seriously the coolest skating contest ever—be a part of it!)

National Tell a Joke Day

Why shouldn't figure skaters tell jokes on the ice?  The ice might crack up!


Today, let's celebrate laughter.  (It's good for you!)

  • Laughing releases endorphins (the same brain chemicals that give you a runner's high).
  • Vanderbilt University research found that laughing for 10-15 minutes burns 50 calories!
  • Laughing lowers your body's coritsol epinephrine levels and encourages it to use macrophages--boosting your immune system against infections and viruses.
  • William Fry, who researches laughter, found that it took 10 minutes of exercise on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the same point as it was after one minute of laughter.  He said, "the effects of laughter and exercise are very similar."

So keep training strong--but don't forget to laugh a little, too!

Training on Your Travels



Summertime tempts us to travel, explore, and experience the places we have only dreamed of.  In the midst of becoming a world traveler, you temporarily lose yourself in each flourishing and fascinating place.  While thoroughly savoring the greatest cities and wonders of the world, the astute athlete-traveler has an added priority—athletic performance.

Perhaps you eagerly await your holiday away this summer!  We have suggestions and ways to help you maintain your fitness—whether you will be miles away from an open ice rink or the rink is closed.

Athletic Adventures

Many of the activities you already planned for your trip challenge your fitness as well.  Walking through the city is a great economic way to get from one place to another (while keeping your leg muscles strong).  If you adore the outdoors, hike scenic trails or climb a mountain!  It will be simply unforgettable.  Perhaps you appreciate cultural masterpieces?  Large museums like the Louvre practically turn appreciating the artistic greats into a workout!  Additionally, there are unconventional ways to see the greatest sights--and sometimes save time or money, too:  Did you know that instead of taking the elevator, you can walk the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower?  The Tour Eiffel has 704 steps—climbing the stairs is arguably the best way to enjoy the icon.

Exercise Everywhere

Practically any place on earth you can put on your trainers and go for a run.  Running keeps you aerobically fit (and you get to see the city you are visiting from its own avenues, too).  Is strength training your area of weakness?  Use water bottles as weights to strengthen your upper body with your favorite arms exercises.  For your lower body, do exercises like squats and calf raises.  Most core exercises can be done anywhere—so keep up your planks, push ups, and crunches!  If your flexibility needs improvement, stretch after a swim, run, or your muscles are warm.

While you are on vacation, enjoy yourself!  Try local specialty dishes, see the great landmarks, and make lots of memories!  Fit a few fitness activities into your schedule, and even when your holiday is completed, your skating will be right where you left it . . . or perhaps even better!

Summer Inventory Times


The Pads that Protect are Now Protected


Athletes at the elite level needed padding at the elite level.  We understood this: years x months x days x falls = [insert crazy big number] = injuries = problems.  After my decade in figure skating proved that falling [insert crazy big number] times = injuries, we decided something needed to be changed.

So we created our ideal crash pads, PeacePads™.  Today those elite athletes have found our PeacePads™ protect at an elite level.

We are proud to say that now HIPeace™ and TailbonePeace™ are each patented.  This event celebrates our first innovations as we continue in advancement.  We will push the envelope of innovation just as elite athletes push the envelope of possible every day.

Let's push the envelope of possible together.

“Chococonut” Almond Bars (Healthy Chocolates Recipe)


Spring is in the air . . . and all we can really think about is Vivaldi’s “Spring” (which we think would make a pretty great skating program!).  While skating to Vivaldi’s “Spring” would be pretty sweet, we were also in the mood for something a little more literally sweet.  Some coconut, almond, and chocolate (all while staying relatively “healthy” with lots of minerals and nutrients no added sugar)—sounds pretty sweet to us!

The recipe below is a healthier alternative to traditional candy bars, and we found them more flavorful and delicious as well!  Basically, if you want to be transported to a pâtisserie’s rich flavors without a plane ticket, try this recipe.  To mix it up, we also tried substituting the vanilla extract for mint extract to create more of a peppermint patty flavor.


“Chococonut” Almond Bars

(makes about 14 small bars)


  • 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut, lightly packed
  • 2 tablespoons almond butter
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (substitute with mint extract for a tasty variety!)
  • 12 whole almonds (optional)
  • 4 ounces dark chocolate



  1. Measure and mix together the coconut, almond butter, honey, and vanilla (or mint).  This should become a sticky paste that you will be able to form.
  2. On a pan covered with parchment paper, form the mixture by tablespoon into bars.  If desired, press an almond into the top of each bar.
  3. Place the bars in the freezer for 15-20 minutes or until they are slightly solid.
  4. Melt the dark chocolate (microwave in 15 second increments and stir until melted).
  5. Dip each bar into the melted chocolate and place on parchment paper.  Freeze or refrigerate to harden the chocolate.  Enjoy!

Did you know?

Almond butter contains calcium and copper—helping keep your brain and nervous system functioning.  The calcium is also important for muscle performance.  It also contains magnesium, which can help you generate energy.  And coconut can boost your immune system while it has many minerals like manganese, copper, and selenium.  With the nutrients every athlete needs, the chococonut bars sound pretty sweet to us! J  Let us know what you think about the recipe!

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