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Imagine attacking your jumps instead of fearing the landing. Skating, skiing and snowboarding without fear. Achieving breathtaking jumps without big bumps and bruises. And nailing that perfect landing. With LiveKühn® PeacePads™, you can!

PeacePads™ let you dream about what once seemed impossible and then reach for it. Figure skating and winter sports take athleticism, strength and courage. We want you to dare to dream it, and then dare to do it.

For practice, play or competition, LiveKühn® has the right pad for you.

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Life is about keeping it simple and doing what you love … boldly! Athletes demand performance and protection. That’s why we make LIPeace™ Ultra-Premium Lip Balms from the very best ingredients, right here in the U.S.A. With the finest certified organic beeswax and botanical oils – and fortified with SPF 15 for protection when you’re in the sun – our lip balms provide you simply amazing and bold performance in whatever you do. 

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