Revolutionary Design

After more than a decade in competitive figure skating, the LiveKühn® team has seen all sorts of training pads, from gel and foam, to football knee pads – even bubble wrap! All have been used in the attempt to cushion a fall, but nothing worked the way we actually wanted and needed it to work.
We wanted shock resistance and comfort, and we wanted them to be discrete.
 kuhl-about-pageWe wanted confidence and protection.

So we made our own.

LiveKühn® is pleased to bring sports pads into the 21st Century. Our PeacePads™ are made of an exclusive visco-elastic polymeric solid “flows” like a liquid under load. It’s the same material used on the International Space Station as a vibration and shock absorber, absorbing nearly 95 percent of impact shock.

Our products are eco-friendly, and they are designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A. They’re hand washable using a mild detergent, then simply air dry. Combined with the innovation of moisture-managing backing for comfort and strength, our products are designed to provide the ultimate in performance and comfort.