How They Fit


Can you tell it’s there? She’s wearing her HIPeace™ PeacePad™!


Wearing your PeacePads™ is easy and comfortable.

• They’re slim! Slip PeacePads™ between two layers of tights or tight-fitting clothing.

• Slide them under your tights. With their moisture-managing fabric backing, PeacePads™ can be placed comfortably next to your skin.

padflexibility• They’re flexible – like you – and stay with your every move. Never fear, PeacePads™ are near!

• Wear your skating pants or dress on top of your tights, and you can barely see your PeacePad™! It’s almost invisible!

PeacePads™ move with you.

LiveKuhn® PeacePads™ are tough and durable, but they also give you a freedom of movement not found in other pads. The PeacePads™ radial Flex-grooves™ are computer modeled to flex multi-directionally with your muscles as you train. Simply, you move and PeacePads™ stick right with you.