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Apple Cider and Autumn's Antioxidants

Nov 04 2015


The trees have changed colors and brightly colored leaves are scattered around under the clear bright blue sky. We are wrapping our warmest knit scarves around our necks and heading to the apple orchard.  Turns out, it's good for us!

Maybe you love apple cider as much as we do. It's hearty and full flavor is about the only food in the world that can really sum up "autumn."  More than just a treat, it is also one of the foods especially good for you.  Apple cider's health benefits surpass those of clear apple juice.  Jan Oszmianski, from the Agricultural University of Wroclaw in Poland, has studied clear apple juice in comparison with cloudy apple juice (cider).  Utilizing a new technique called electron paramagnetic resonance, they effectively were able to compare clear and cloudy juice's polyphenol content.  Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that gives fruits their color.

The polyphenols are 2.6 to 5.3 times more in cloud apple juice (cider) than in clear apple juice.  Cider is 1.5 to 1.8 times more powerful in antioxidant properties.  Commercial clear juices (compared to the lab-produced clear juices used in the study) have one tenth of the antioxidants of cloudy juice.

Additionally, people who frequently eat apples have a reduced risk for lung cancer.  Apples' polyphenols can reduce your risk of cancer and improve your brain function!

This fall, join us and enjoy some apple cider.  It's the perfect warm drink after a day of chilly training at the rink!  You'll know that not only are you enjoying the taste of fall, but you are also getting autumnal antioxidants and health benefits, too!