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Colorado Springs Invitational Giveaway!

Sep 18 2015


In honor of the Colorado Springs Invitational, LiveKühn® is offering you the chance to win one of our PeacePads (your choice!) or an iTunes gift card.  If you win the iTunes gift card, we’ll know where that great new program music or practice mix came from!  Our PeacePads are designed to give you the best and boldest in athletic protection to help you reach your best and boldest in sport.  If you win the PeacePad, we’ll know where that awesome (single/double/triple/quad) jump came from!
To all of the competitors at the Colorado Springs Invitational--Skate Great!  Check your goodie bag for a little something from us (hint: Kiss and Cry).  When you skate, be bold, never give up, and smile! 
So BOLDLY enter at this link!  (This contest ends September 30 and this is seriously the coolest skating contest ever—be a part of it!)