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Warm Hearts

Nov 19 2015



It's cold outside.  For figure skaters, it’s also cold inside.  (That is, until you warm up and start practicing—then it’s just right!)  But still, after a couple of sessions—especially if you’re drilling rockers and counters and twizzles for a session or two—then you get a little chilly in your fingers and toes.

                  After a long (and fun) day at the rink, sometimes a cup of tea or cider or hot chocolate is just the thing that warms you up.  (And check it out, apple cider is good for you.)  Why not share some of that warmth with those around you?  It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we are grateful for great parents, coaches, and friends.  Say thanks to mom and dad for spending their day at your competition in the cold with their favorite hot beverages.  (They’ve cheered for you all these years, haven’t they?)  When you come to the rink for your lessons, bring a couple of hot drinks for your coaches. (They’ve spent days and weeks and months and years helping you reach your dreams, haven’t they?)  And don’t forget your friends.  (They’ve encouraged you, made you laugh, and been there with you every practice, haven’t they?)

We are thankful for skates and ice and figure skating.  We are thankful for our memories and dreams.  But we are especially thankful for the people who made them possible.