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Balance: School and Sports

Sep 26 2014

It's the time of year when students try to balance their studies and their sports.  It can be hard.  But as athletes know, just because it's hard or challenging doesn't mean it's impossible.



Here are our top tips on being a successful student-athlete:

1) Stay organized.

Find yourself stressing or feeling too busy?  Try keeping a planner or a calendar app.  Record any practices, homework, upcoming deadlines and activities.  You won't worry about forgetting anything, and it's all in one place--a time saver!

2)  De-stress.

Why do you love your sport?  No, seriously!  Let that love of what you do override any stress, worries, or fears you've accumulated throughout the day.  Enjoy your practices--be a confident student just like you're a confident athlete.  I've often noticed that after a crazy day, skating practice really made the me more calm and confident for the rest of the day..

3)  Stay healthy.
In a rush, it can be really easy to skip breakfast or a workout time, but all those choices affect your training and performance.  Drink lots of water and don't get dehydrated.  If need be, grab a quick healthy granola bar (we like Larabars).  And get enough sleep!  The more sleep you get, the easier school will be, and the better your performance in sports will be!

4)  Have fun!  Life is a blast if you make every day great!  Remember to keep a positive attitude--then everything will be so much easier!  And think about school this way:  the sooner you get your schoolwork and studies done (well), the sooner you get to skate and have fun!

Remember these tips for stressless sports and studies!  Be Bold!

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