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Which PeacePad™?

Aug 27 2014

Are you trying to decide which PeacePad™ is perfect for you?  For some skaters, the original HIPeace™ is great for training, and the HIPeace™ Competitor® is best for competition.  For other skaters, the Competitor® can be perfect for practice.  Wondering what we'd recommend for you?  We've created this chart to help you choose your PeacePad™ based on your height and weight (and skating).  These are generalizations we've developed based upon our testing and customer feedback.  Check it out!



Your preference: If your height and weight are in the light blue area, choose your PeacePad™ based on the following:

Choose Competitor® (Performance Platinum) if you are smaller framed, have less muscle mass, take light falls, or fall occasionally. (Also great for discreet protection at a competition or event.)

Choose HIPeace™ (Kühn Blue) if you are larger framed, have more muscle mass, take hard falls, or fall frequently. (Great for training sessions, learning and practice.)

Still not sure?  Feel free to ask us for a personalized recommendation!