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LiveKühn® + Sorbothane® = Quality for Our Customers

Mar 14 2015

This February, LiveKühn® hit the road for a trip to Kent, Ohio.  It was about time we paid a visit to our friends at Sorbothane®, where each LiveKühn PeacePad is proudly made.  Producing our products in the U.S.A. is of utmost importance to us—both for supporting the economy, and for giving our customers the very best products every time.  LiveKühn Inventor and CEO, Rachel, spent time in the engineering and production areas to meet the skilled technicians who stand behind every one of our pads.  These people help ensure we consistently maintain superior quality products and that our customers—skaters, snowboarders, horseback riders, football players, and many others—get the very best in performance athletic pad technology.  We produce the best products to help you boldly reach your best!  By manufacturing right here in the U.S., close to home, we are able to provide swift timing in getting product out to our worldwide customers.  We also spent time on our trip working on exciting new innovations for the LiveKühn athletes around the world . . . so be sure to watch for some very exciting news coming soon!