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Why You Should Head Outside: Benefits of OUTDOOR Exercise

Benefits of OUTDOOR Exercise

It's summer weather here by us and thoughts of summer are just so lovely.  The warmer weather seems to entice us outdoors a little more than the in-between seasons of fall and spring.  (Note:  As winter sports lovers, though, we do love a great day outside in winter, too.)  Any season, exercising outdoors may be a little more fun.

Studies have suggested that exercising outside may increase positive feelings while decreasing negative ones.  Outdoor exercise tended to be more enjoyable than indoor exercise--and participants in outdoor exercise wanted to exercise at a future date more than indoor exercisers.  Those who exercised outside also felt more mental wellbeing.  (For more information, read the abstract of the journal article by Thompson et al. here.)

What we've experienced, studies have suggested--exercising outside can be quite refreshing and fun.  Take a hike, ride a bike, go for a walk, run and talk, paddle on a lake, or take a stroll at daybreak.  Have fun!  

It's a Spring Thing

It's a Spring Thing:  Looking forward to the bright season

Florals, flowers, and finally green everywhere . . . spring is a season of everything fresh and bright!  As the beautiful quote perfectly says: 

Secret Garden Quote

And to celebrate this season of both sunshine and rain, we’ve collected our spring favorites.  Today, we’d like to share with you what we think the perfect spring-inspired music and skating dress would be!

Music:  “Spring” by Vivaldi (click here to watch Julia Fischer play this lovely classic!)

Dress:  our sketch (inspired by the designs of LK Bennett)

Skating Dress

Only 16 days until spring!


Perhaps Christmas is a little bit more!

Giving Thanks

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.  -William Arthur Ward

Sensational Summer Strength Idea #7: Swim Like a Mermaid!

mermaid tail

Imagine:  You dip underneath the aqua surface of the ocean into the royal blue depths with your hair flowing and your glistening tail gliding through the water.

If you’ve read The Tail of Emily Windsnap, then you surely have dreamed about the living a mermaid’s life.  Today, you can live (and swim) like a mermaid.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the phenomenon called mermaid fitness.  With a tail and a fin, your transformation into a mermaid is complete!  Bonus:  You get to become a mermaid without the awkwardness Emily Windsnap went through when she stepped into the water!

Another bonus:  You will get a fantastic workout!  Swimming with a mermaid tail forces your body to adapt to a new movement pattern.  It also utilizes your whole body—your upper and lower body, your glutes, and especially your core.  It is a great way to get someone in the water who doesn't like swimming.  Swimming with a mermaid tail is also super fun!

Here’s what you need to know:

You can buy a mermaid tail and fin from places like Fin Fun.  You put the tail on over your swimming suit and then you slip your feet into the fin (just like you would with flippers).  Then you pull the tail over the fin and you’re ready to go!  There are lots of gorgeous and shimmery color options with iridescence!  Check out

If you aren’t a strong swimmer, you’ll probably want to wear a flotation belt, too.  This makes sure you can safely have a fun time!

Check out this video of swimming with mermaid tails:

With a mermaid tail and fin, you can swim like a mermaid—and get a fantastic workout at the same time!  And maybe, just like Emily Windsnap, you’ll discover you are a mermaid, too!


A moment between the @shibsibs at #4CCTaipeiCity. Looking forward to a great event!

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Chocolate Honey Peppermint Patties Recipe


Have you ever heard of whipped honey?  Its velvety, thick, and creamy texture is enjoyable right off the spoon.  But today is World Chocolate Day and we knew of a perfect recipe to share.  It combines unsweetened chocolate’s tartness with the whipped honey’s sweetness, tang, and texture.  You’ll love it!

Your body will love it, too—chocolate’s flavonols (a type of flavonoid and antioxidant) effect your vascular health, help remove environmental toxins, and help your body repair itself.  Unsweetened chocolate has zero grams of sugar as well!  Honey adds the sweetness to this recipe, but also contains many antioxidants and enzymes.  This chocolate and honey pairing is fantastic for your taste buds and the rest of your body!



  • 3 oz. of unsweetened chocolate baking squares (100% cacao)
  • ¼ cup of whipped (creamed) honey (We used Breitsamer Honig Rapsflower Blossom Raw Honey)
  • a drop of peppermint extract (optional)
  • a chocolate candy mold


  1. Chop the chocolate into square size pieces and place in a microwaveable-safe bowl.
  2. Microwave the chocolate for 30 seconds and stir.  Repeat until you can stir the solid chocolate completely into the melted chocolate.
  3. Spoon the melted chocolate into the chocolate mold and use your spoon to brush the chocolate up onto the sides.  (Do not fill the molds completely, just coat the inside of the mold to make a shell—make sure you leave room for filling and a top layer of chocolate).
  4. Refrigerate the chocolate in the mold until hardened.
  5. If you are flavoring your honey with peppermint, pour a drop onto a spoon and mix into your honey.  Taste and add more as needed.  We preferred a main flavor of honey with an accent of mint.  If you would like it very minty, feel free to add more peppermint extract.  (Different peppermint extracts will be stronger and your taste testing is the best way to get the flavors spot on!)
  6. Remove your chocolate mold from the refrigerator and place a dollop of honey in the center of each hardened chocolate shell.
  7. Refrigerate for just a few minutes so the honey can firm up.
  8. Top the chocolate shell and honey dollop with more of the melted chocolate so the honey is completely covered.  Once inverted this layer forms the base of the chocolates.
  9. Refrigerate the chocolate mold until the chocolate is hardened.  Remove just before serving and pop the chocolates out of the mold.

Makes 10 chocolates.  Recipe adapted from National Honey Board.

Did you find that you BEE-came crazy for these chocolates?  Let us know how they turned out for you!