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New Material Improves Protection Provided by Sports Pads

Apr 26 2016



Champions never rest on their past accomplishments. LiveKühn®, run by figure skater, college freshman and entrepreneur Rachel Westphal is no exception.


Rachel and LiveKühn® proudly announce a new signature product. From the training weight HIPeace and TailbonePeace in Kühn Blau to the lightweight Competitor in Performance Platinum, LiveKühn®  has always been bold. Now, meet Luft, providing even more protection while athletes soar to ever-higher goals.


Luft is a German word meaning “air”  – that enviable, incredible, split-second floating through time and space. It’s what LiveKühn® works to achieve.


The new Luft line of padding is lightweight, combining the high-impact absorbing material with a lighter air-filled version of the same material. Though it is lightweight, it remains the same size as PeacePads™ Blau, offering a level of protection between the very lightweight PeacePads™ Competitor™ and the high-absorbing PeacePads™ Blau.  “Luft builds upon the best of the two lines of pads we currently offer,” Rachel said.


Just like the original Blau and Competitor PeacePads™, which use the material Sorbothane® to absorb up to 94.7% of impact shock, this new pad helps protect against bruises. Where protection is of utmost importance, the same Kühn Blau colored Sorbothane® remains. But surrounding the classic Kühn Blau (bold blue) material, emerge rings in Sonnig Gelb (sunny yellow). This material is air-filled Sorbothane®, lightweight and, of course, bold and bright.

And more great news, the new product has a sporty new backing material (also in Kühn Blau).


The new pads earned an excellent 5-star rating from Jo Ann Schneider Farris, the figure skating expert for AboutSports. Farris praised the Luft pad for comfort, protection and the ability to flex multi-directionally with a figure skater’s muscles. She cited the praise of parents who find the pads help reduce painful bruising.

“We understand that every athlete has a unique set of goals and a particular set of needs, to which we can now tailor their padding,” Rachel said. “This is an excellent option for the athlete who needs great protection, but doesn’t require the highest level of protection, allowing for the pad to be lighter weight and more comfortable.”

The LiveKühn® goal for every product is to help you realize your dreams. What are your dreams? Who do you hope to become? To answer that, you must first understand who you are today. You already have a signature. Perhaps it’s your sense of artistry or your ever-present smile. LiveKühn® helps you discover your signature and realize your dreams.