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Summer Sunshine

Photo of the beach      Photo of the beachHappy first day of Summer! It's the time of year for beaches, picnics, and just spending time outside! Did you know that you get an essential vitamin, Vitamin D, anytime you're outside on a sunny day?

Since skaters train inside, they can be missing out on some of the sun's important benefits. According to researchers, athletes who train inside usually have lower levels of Vitamin D. Deficient amounts of Vitamin D can affect your level of performance as an athlete.

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See PeacePads™ in person at upcoming Figure Skating events

If you have not yet had the opportunity to check out the LiveKuhn PeacePads™ you can take a firsthand look at our products at these figure skating events. Stop by the Riedel Skates booth at one of these upcoming conferences:

  • The Professional Skaters Association (PSA) trade show and conference – May 23-25th, in Chicago Illinois
  • The Ice Skating Institute (ISI) trade show and conference May 28-31, in Las Vegas Nevada,
  • NARCE conference and Expo May 21-22, in Dearborn Michigan.

Hip and Tailbone Pads by Figure Skaters for Figure Skaters

Falling graphic for LiveKuhnFigure Skating is a unique sport, requiring grace and athleticism combined.  And the stunning moves and breathtaking jumps are what many consider the defining elements of the sport.  It is learning these jumps and moves – and the slips, trips and missed landings that naturally go with them – where the PeacePads™ do their best work.  When LiveKühn® set out to redefine the way pads worked and fit, they had one plan in mind – to use the very best materials, and to design based on the way skaters move.  

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PeacePads™ Receive “5-Star Review”

PeacePads have only been on the market for a few months, and already skaters, coaches and parents are beginning to recognize them as a valuable athletic training aid. PeacePads recently received a five star review from Jo Ann Schneider Farris, of Figure Skating. You can read more about her comments and feedback here.

A Difference You Can Feel!

The first time you pick up a PeacePad™ you will notice that they are a little heavier than you might expect. The pads feel heavier than the typical open cell foam or other pad materials often used by skaters for a very good reason.

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LiveKühn® will be at USFS Nationals!

See us at the Riedell Skating booth, Sunday, January 20th - Sunday, January 27th in Omaha, Nebraska.

Made in the USA – It makes a difference

When LiveKuhn™ was looking for partners to provide the materials for the new line of PeacePads™, the choice became very clear - we wanted to make it here in the U.S. By working with U.S. suppliers, we have been able to ensure we meet stringent quality and design criteria, and can incorporate the very best products, materials and designs.

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Why toughing it out won’t toughen you up

Although it is a commonly applied training method for athletes, the "tough it out" approach is changing in modern sports training and thinking. Being a tough and competitive athlete IS important, but having fear and being unsure of yourself during training and competition is not necessarily the best way.

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