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Summer Sunshine

Jun 21 2013

Photo of the beach      Photo of the beachHappy first day of Summer! It's the time of year for beaches, picnics, and just spending time outside! Did you know that you get an essential vitamin, Vitamin D, anytime you're outside on a sunny day?

Since skaters train inside, they can be missing out on some of the sun's important benefits. According to researchers, athletes who train inside usually have lower levels of Vitamin D. Deficient amounts of Vitamin D can affect your level of performance as an athlete.

The Research Centre for Sport Exercise and Performance, the Jerwood Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries, and the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (all in the UK) completed a study on ballet dancers (who also train indoors) suggests that after receiving Vitamin D, the height of the dancers' jumps had increased, their strength had increased, and the number of injuries the dancers experienced decreased. Vitamin D can also strengthen your immune system and help you absorb calcium for strong bones.

Experts say to get enough Vitamin D, you should spend five to twenty minutes in the sun per day (the time varies based on your skin tone). The dancers in the study took Vitamin D supplements, but ask your doctor before starting supplements as they are not for everyone.

Enjoy the sunshine! Now we all have a great excuse for needing to go to the beach. :)