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A Difference You Can Feel!

Mar 12 2013

The first time you pick up a PeacePad™ you will notice that they are a little heavier than you might expect. The pads feel heavier than the typical open cell foam or other pad materials often used by skaters for a very good reason.

Open cell foam contains trapped air, and when compressed it has very low energy absorption properties. PeacePads are made of a totally different material – one that is uniquely designed to handle the energy of impact and shock, and can effectively dampen it. The design and density of the material helps our pad so effectively improve performance.


That density and material is also what makes them feel a little heavier than other pads. This unique material is then coupled with a computer modeled design incorporating flex grooves™ into the pad. These grooves ensure the material is allowed to displace and move, giving it the ability to flex with the skater, remaining comfortable. So although they may feel a bit heavier, they are designed to provide ongoing high performance and fit that training athlete's desire.