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Why You Should Head Outside: Benefits of OUTDOOR Exercise

Jun 06 2017

Benefits of OUTDOOR Exercise

It's summer weather here by us and thoughts of summer are just so lovely.  The warmer weather seems to entice us outdoors a little more than the in-between seasons of fall and spring.  (Note:  As winter sports lovers, though, we do love a great day outside in winter, too.)  Any season, exercising outdoors may be a little more fun.

Studies have suggested that exercising outside may increase positive feelings while decreasing negative ones.  Outdoor exercise tended to be more enjoyable than indoor exercise--and participants in outdoor exercise wanted to exercise at a future date more than indoor exercisers.  Those who exercised outside also felt more mental wellbeing.  (For more information, read the abstract of the journal article by Thompson et al. here.)

What we've experienced, studies have suggested--exercising outside can be quite refreshing and fun.  Take a hike, ride a bike, go for a walk, run and talk, paddle on a lake, or take a stroll at daybreak.  Have fun!