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Stephanie Chin is First Winner During LiveKuhn Olympics Trivia Contest

Feb 10 2014

 SpaceTorch   Photo: NASA/YouTube

Congratulations to Stephanie Chin, the first winner of our Olympics Trivia Contest! Stephanie correctly answered that the Olympic Torch went on a space walk, where no other Olympic Torch has gone before. Most interesting, this space walk occurred outside the International Space Station. Did you know that the same material used in our revolutionary LiveKühn® PeacePads™ is on the space station, too? Because Stephanie answered correctly, her name was entered in our drawing and chosen, so she wins her choice of PeacePad™. Are you ready for YOUR chance to win? Our next trivia contest starts Tuesday, Feb. 11, so be sure to follow along on our Facebook page to win!

Want to know more about that space walk? Check out the video here.