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Figure Skating: The Glamour of NYC

Mar 22 2019

Fifth Avenue Figure Skating2


Figure skating has long been the most stylish, most glamourous part of the Olympic Winter Games.  However, figure skating also has a very glittering past.


            You’ve heard of Fifth Avenue.  Before it was a fashionable destination, stylish New Yorkers flocked there for skating. Private skating ponds required membership but gave their members an atmosphere of live music, held splendid costume balls, and drew in the chicest skaters.  Can you imagine skating to the sounds of an orchestra, while being dressed to the nines and alongside the most fashionable people?


Skating also took to the stage in the era:  A 1915 Broadway show included a leading lady who was also a skating prodigy and some hotels had iced stages for shows.  Harper’s Bazaar would also even publish fashionable skating dresses and hairstyles for skating.


Skating united itself with these dazzling, sophisticated lifestyles. One of the most elegant avenues in the world owes its glamour, in part, to figure skating.


Photos:  via Untapped Cities, 6sqft