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Which PeacePad™?

Are you trying to decide which PeacePad™ is perfect for you?  For some skaters, the original HIPeace™ is great for training, and the HIPeace™ Competitor® is best for competition.  For other skaters, the Competitor® can be perfect for practice.  Wondering what we'd recommend for you?  We've created this chart to help you choose your PeacePad™ based on your height and weight (and skating).  These are generalizations we've developed based upon our testing and customer feedback.  Check it out!



Your preference: If your height and weight are in the light blue area, choose your PeacePad™ based on the following:

Choose Competitor® (Performance Platinum) if you are smaller framed, have less muscle mass, take light falls, or fall occasionally. (Also great for discreet protection at a competition or event.)

Choose HIPeace™ (Kühn Blue) if you are larger framed, have more muscle mass, take hard falls, or fall frequently. (Great for training sessions, learning and practice.)

Still not sure?  Feel free to ask us for a personalized recommendation!

Skating S’mores (Healthy S’mores Recipe)

Skating S'mores

Every skater, especially every young skater just falling in love with the sport asks, “Mom, can I skate s’more?”  (I know—I said this often!)  There’s something about finding your sport and passion that makes you always want to do it “s’more.”

Speaking of “s’mores,” today is National S’mores Day!   We’re sharing this original recipe by LiveKühn’s Rachel, an alternative recipe for healthy s’mores!  They make a great dessert (or snack), especially since we’ve reinvented the graham cracker portion so they’re healthier!

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Where Bold Athletes LiveKühn®

Where Bold Athletes LiveKühn: Canada, USA, France, Switzerland, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Australia 

The best athletes choose the best protection and padding.  LiveKühn® has athletes all around the world who have trusted us for their figure skating pads, snowboarding pads, or protection for whatever they love to do.  We are proud to provide performance protection for the best in the world and those who aspire to be the best.

LiveKühn® athletes from around the world are becoming bold every day.  Hello to our customers from the USA, Canada, and Australia, bonjour to France, hallå to Sweden, hallo to Switzerland, 안녕하세요 to South Korea, こんにちは to Japan, 你好 to Hong Kong, and kumusta to Philippines.  Thank you for choosing LiveKühn!

Thank You!  Merci!  Tack!  Danke!  감사합니다!   ありがとうございました! 謝謝!Salamat!

Say Cheese for Chance to Win LIPeace™ Balm


Have you tried our amazing new LIPeace™ Lip Balm? Want to try it for free? Here's your chance! We want to see what makes you smile. Post a photo of anything that makes you happy on our Facebook page or Tumblr page using the hashtag #lipeacesmile, and you'll be entered to win. Easy peasy! But act fast: This contest ends April 14, 2014. Say cheese!

From Hips to Lips: LiveKühn Unveils Lip Balms for Athletes


LiveKühn is excited to announce our new line of LIPeace™ Lip Balms, developed specifically for athletes. Focused on delivering the level of performance, comfort and protection the LiveKühn product line is known for, our new products are uniquely formulated for the conditions that ice skaters and winter athletes endure.

Made in the U.S.A. with the finest certified organic beeswax and botanical oils, these new premium lip balms perform as great as they taste. For those who take their winter sports in the sun, LIPeace™ Lip Balms also provide SPF 15 protection – ensuring your day on the slopes ends as comfortable as it starts.

With five bold new flavors and competitive themed artwork, your LIPeace™ stick will be the talk of the boards or the park. Flavors include: Champion Cherry™, Revolutionary Raspberry™, Stoked Strawberry™, Performance Peppermint™ and Victorious Vanilla™.

With performance and protection being hallmark ideas for our company, this newest addition to our product line is intended to let our athletes stand out and be bold, while at the same time looking, feeling and performing their very best!

Angelina Eynon Completes List of LiveKühn Olympics Contest Winners

HeniePhoto: Oslo Museum

Congratulations to Angelina Eynon, the final winner in our Olympics Trivia Contest! Angelina correctly identified Sonja Henie in our photo and trivia question and was entered in our drawing. She wins her choice of LiveKühn® PeacePad™. Thank you to everyone who participated in our Olympics Trivia Contest. Be sure to like our Facebook page for the latest LiveKühn news and promotions!

Toni Kays Hudson Wins Big in LiveKuhn Olympics Trivia Contest

1998Olympics Michelle Kwan (left) and Tara Lipinski in 1998.Congratulations to Toni Kays Hudson, the latest winner in our Olympics Trivia Contest! Toni correctly answered that snowboarding made its Olympics debut in 1998 in Nagano, Japan. She also knew that at those Games, 15-year-old Tara Lipinski beat out Michelle Kwan to become the youngest individual gold medalist in Winter Games history! Because Toni answered correctly, her name was entered in our drawing and chosen, so she wins her choice of LiveKühn® PeacePad™. Are you ready for YOUR chance to win? Our final Olympics trivia contest starts Friday, Feb. 20, so be sure to follow along on our Facebook page to win!

Traci Sedaka Wins LiveKuhn Olympics Trivia Contest


Congratulations to Traci Sedaka, the latest winner in our Olympics Trivia Contest! Traci correctly answered that the first Winter Olympics were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France, and that the athlete on the Olympic medal was holding a pair of skates in one hand and a pair of skis in the other. Because Traci answered correctly, her name was entered in our drawing and chosen, so she wins her choice of LiveKühn® PeacePad™. Are you ready for YOUR chance to win? Our next trivia contest starts Monday, Feb. 17, so be sure to follow along on our Facebook page to win!