Our Company LiveKühn® is an energetic American company founded upon revolutionary new ideas, and focused on delivering exceptional performance, groundbreaking athletic protection and exciting solutions for those who – like us – strive to be greater tomorrow than we are today. LiveKühn® is the kind of company that makes you proud to use products displaying our name. We are friends of both the earth and the jobs and companies we work with in the United States. We are proving that we can and will make a difference. Manufacturing in the U.S.A. ensures not only that we are participating in and enriching the U.S. economy, but that we also are producing the finest performance products, and can ship more efficiently to our LiveKühn customers. We want to have an impact on your sport, having fun all the way! We want you to imagine the best skater you can be, and then be bold and do it! We want to be the leader in athletic protection, inspiring you to dream big, jump high and be bold. Our philosophy is that we – in all facets of life – will live boldly. Our dream is that you will, too!