“I love them!  They seem to work really well to displace the force of impact.  I fall on my left hip a lot which has caused back pain and your pads have helped reduce that pain.  I cannot thank you enough for letting me try out your pads . . . I will definitely be recommending your pads to other skaters."

Hannah Miller
2011  U.S.  Novice Ladies Champion
2012 Junior Ladies Bronze Medalist




“I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with the one pad that we won in the competition that I’ve just gone on line to order a full set including competitor pads for this season  . . . Having injured myself on a nasty coccyx fall on a lutz as a teen, I’m determined to have my daughter protected!"

Angelina (Australia) One happy mum



“Thank you soooooo much. My daughter Ilana lives in your pads.”




“Whether you use padded pants or pads tucked into your tights, any skater working on jumps should wear padding. Even beginning skaters can benefit from hip and knee pads. I really like a new type of pad invented by a teen figure skater. PeacePads™are fantastic, and you can find them at http://livekuhn.com.

- Becky
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“Just wanted to tell you that I was chatting with 3 other ladies during Carly’s double jumps class today and we were talking about falls and crash pads. One woman bought Waxels but her daughter refuses to wear them. I told them about yours and no sooner had I done so, Carly actually fell. Right. on. her. tailbone. I can only tell you I winced but she popped back up and gave me a smile.  The pads did their job!!! Yippee!”

on TailbonePeace



ohno---livekuhn---testimonial-pullout“I used the hip pad for 2 1/2 hours on Saturday and Sunday at a competition.  No blister. Monday was a rest day for my horse.  On Tuesday I rode 4.75 miles in an hour without the foam saddle pad in my saddle but wearing the hip pad.  No blister . . . I use the hip pad every time I ride! . . . I can’t believe that I have ridden better than 20 hours this month and only had the one tiny blister!  I love the hip pad”

-Zora on HIPeace, Barrel Racing
(saddle makes blisters)





“Skaters who use the pads have said that they are easy to use and the added protection has helped improve their jumps. Female pair skaters especially appreciate LiveKühn® PeacePads™ when they work on throw jumps and twists.”⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jo Ann Schneider Farris
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“Wearing LiveKühn® protective pads while jumping continues to make it possible for figure skaters to be confident, bold, and aggressive on the ice . . . The LiveKühn® Competitor™ pad is thinner and smaller than the company’s standard LiveKühn® PeacePads™ which figure skaters use during their day to day training, but provides the same confidence and comfort. The smaller LiveKühn® Competitor™ pads are designed specifically to be worn during figure skating competitions.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jo Ann Schneider Farris
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“Oh.My. This stuff is fantastic! It feels SO good! . . . Thank you, LiveKühn, for our lip balms! We’ve been using them for a week or so now, and they feel SOOOO good!! Mom likes the raspberry and Joyjoy likes the vanilla! WIN! “

-Becky on LIPeace



“We have these and love them!”

-Becky on the Competitor