Imagine attacking your jumps instead of fearing the landing. Skating, skiing and snowboarding without fear. Achieving breathtaking jumps without big bumps and bruises. And nailing that perfect landing. With LiveKühn® PeacePads™, you can!

PeacePads™ let you dream about what once seemed impossible and then reach for it. Figure skating and winter sports take athleticism, strength and courage. We want you to dare to dream it, and then dare to do it.

For practice, play or competition, LiveKühn® has the right pad for you.


HIPeace™ and TailbonePeace™ PeacePads™

• In figure skating and winter sports, flexibility is golden! Radial Flex-grooves™ are computer modeled to flex multi-directionally with your muscles as you train. PeacePads™ are designed to fit your body with comfort, meaning that when you really need your pad, you’re likely to have it on.

• Durable yet comfortable, moisture-managing backing fabric provides breathability and allows you to wear your PeacePads™ next to the skin or between two layers of tightly fit clothing. Click here to find out how they fit!

• The unique, double elliptical shape of our HIPeace™ pad promotes a better fit on your hip. The same double elliptical shape of our TailbonePeace™ pad helps it fit comfortably over your tailbone, providing fitted protection.

• Tapered edges ensure no more pad edge bite. Our PeacePads™ are thickest where it’s needed most, and yet comfortable enough to wear throughout your entire training session.

• PeacePads™ are made from a visco-elastic material that has been shown to absorb up to 94.7% of impact shock.

• For simple cleanup of your pads, hand-wash using mild detergent, and then air dry.

• Designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.

• Eco-friendly

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 The Competitor™ HIPeace™

Competitor Pads

• Specifically designed to be worn during a competition program or event, the Competitor™ hip pad is the only pad of its kind. The Competitor™ provides superior protection while barely noticed.

• Offers protection while being thinner and smaller, providing confidence and comfort. Nearly 30% more compact, making it a great choice for young skaters and winter athletes.

• Offers comfort, flexibility, a moisture managing backing, and the same material that absorbs 94.7% of impact shock as the original training PeacePads™.

• For simple cleanup of your pads, hand-wash using mild detergent, and then air dry.

• Designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A.

• Eco-friendly

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Luft™ HIPeace™ and TailbonePeace™ Pads

DSC 5509


Every figure skating champion has a signature element. Every sick snowboarder has a signature trick.  A unique signature element creates a competitor and, therefore creates a champion. What’s your signature?

Our signature is bright and bold.  From our training weight HIPeace™ and TailbonePeace™ in Kühn Blau to our lightweight Competitor in Performance Platinum, we’ve always been bold.

Every champion must continually innovate, so we are adding another bold signature . . . 

Signature Name

What’s not to love?  Cool new materials, bright new color, and, of course, a signature name. Meet Luft. It’s a German word meaning “air”—that enviable incredible split second floating through time and space. It’s what we strive for and what we long for. And in the clouds are the dreams we live for.

Signature Style and New Materials

Our original and Competitor PeacePads™ utilize the material Sorbothane®, which absorbs up to 94.7% of impact shock. Our brand new pad does too.  Where protection is of utmost importance, the same Kühn Blau colored Sorbothane® remains.

But surrounding the classic Kühn Blau (bold blue) material, emerge rings in Sonnig Gelb (sunny yellow).  This material is air-filled Sorbothane®, lightweight and, of course, bold and bright.

And more great news, we have a sporty new backing material (also in Kühn Blau).

Signature Dreams

What are you dreams? Your castles on a cloud? Who do you hope to become? To answer that, you must first understand who you are today. You already have a signature. Perhaps it’s your sense of artistry or your ever-present smile. How are you using what you’re great at to reach your dreams of tomorrow? 

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