• Live Bold

    Growth happens just beyond your comfort zone. Attack the next level without fear. PeacePads™ are here to help. Read More
  • Skate Bold

    Achieve breathtaking jumps instead of fearing the landing. Refuse to accept bumps and bruises. With PeacePads™, you can! Read More
  • Board Bold

    Fly high when skiing and snowboarding. The only thing better than fresh powder? The confidence of PeacePads™. Let’s soar. Read More
  • Bold Protection

    Kiss dry lips goodbye! LIPeace™ lip balms give athletes the performance and protection they demand. Read More
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“Live Kühn” is German for “Live Bold.” We provide high-performance products that support passionate, bold and driven athletes who need protection and a solution – for both their mental and physical well-being.

tagline-With LiveKühn® PeacePads™, you will experience ☮. Live boldly without fear of falling.

Developed by an ice skater but used by so many other athletes: horseback riders, barrel racers, skateboarders, longboarders, motocrossers,
mountain bikers, skiiers, freestylers and more! 

Latest News

Hip and Tailbone Pads by Figure Skaters for Figure Skaters

Apr 25 2013

Falling graphic for LiveKuhnFigure Skating is a unique sport, requiring grace and athleticism combined.  And the stunning moves and breathtaking jumps are what many consider the defining elements of the sport.  It is learning these jumps and moves – and the slips, trips and missed landings that naturally go with them – where the PeacePads™ do their best work.  When LiveKühn® set out to redefine the way pads worked and fit, they had one plan in mind – to use the very best materials, and to design based on the way skaters move.  

By combining state of the art computer modeling – and material technology that has demonstrated the shock and impact absorbing performance – a bold new choice for athletes has emerged.   Now other athletes are taking notice – and the LiveKühn® line of PeacePads™ is changing the perception of athletes across the globe by showing that comfort and performance can go together quite nicely.  Be Bold – LiveKühn!