How They Work

So, how do KÜHN® PeacePads™ work? We’ll tell you. Unlike foam products, the material used in PeacePads™ absorbs shock efficiently for millions of cycles. (Hopefully, you won’t fall that many times.)

• Sorbothane®, the proprietary material in PeacePads™, turns mechanical energy into heat. When the material is deformed, friction at a molecular level generates heat. The energy is translated perpendicularly from the angle of incidence, and is pushed nearly 90 degrees out of phase from the original disturbance.

• Sorbothane® is a visco-elastic polymer, meaning that it exhibits properties of both liquids (viscous) and solids (elastic materials).

• PeacePads™ are designed to have an operating temperature range of -20° F (-29° C) to +160° F (72° C). If you’re above or below that, you have other problems.

• Sorbothane® exhibits very slight rebound compared to other materials.